Blog: By the way…Charlotte Day Wilson will blow you away

Photo credit: Devon Little, The Fader

On my first look, Charlotte Day Wilson was quite the unassuming young singer. Maintaining a reserved demeanor from start to finish, the Canadian singer certainly didn’t look like the star of the show. In fact, she probably didn’t want to be the star. But undoubtedly during that performance, the center of attention was squarely on her.

Wilson was joining the members of the Canadian instrumental jazz band, BadBadNotGood, for a live performance of their song “In Your Eyes” for their NPR Music Tiny Desk concert. Her light blonde hair tied back in a ponytail, her face practically makeup-free and wearing a simple black bomber jacket over a white t-shirt and black pants.

Drummer Alexander Sowinski introduced her: “I was fortunate to go to high school with a talented young saxophonist that I didn’t know had a vocal that would blow me away later on in my life.”

And when she began singing, I was taken aback for a minute. Her stoic composure gave way to this amazingly rich, soulful voice gliding over the guys’ mellow accompaniment.

Indeed, I first heard her sing on the album version of “In Your Eyes” from BadBadNotGood’s latest album “IV.” But seeing her sing “live” was a bit of an experience. In so many of her other live performances on YouTube, she pulls off her masterful crooning with such ease that she puts lots of other singers to shame.

And thus began an obsession with unearthing her damn amazing catalog.


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